It's Never Simple...

I've spent a few days winding yarn around my hands, my arm, a cutting board, a table, and whatever else is handy, and I've concluded that I need three things:

  • a niddy-noddy
  • a yarn swift
  • a ball winder

Since any one of these items could run me $30-$80, it's time for some DIY options.

The niddy-noddy is the easiest by far. There are a couple of sites around that describe how to make a niddy-noddy from PVC pipe. I love PVC pipe--I built some furniture out of it a couple weeks ago (and it hasn't collapsed yet!).

Next is the swift. This is a little trickier, but I found a lovely tutorial for making a homemade one. I've got some scrap wood in the basement, but I might buy some precut pieces instead--all I've got to cut with is a jigsaw, and I can't cut a straight line with that to save my life.

And finally, the ball winder. I found a site that sells woodworking plans for a ball winder and swift. Sadly, the package of plans is $30, which is more than I want to spend on an experiment. However, after inspecting the photos carefully, I think I can improvise something similar.

It looks like today is a good day for a trip to Lowe's!

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