Hard Lessons

Things I've learned this weekend:

1) When they say don't put your yarn in the washer, don't put your yarn in the washer. Seriously, not even on the delicate cycle, for the shortest time possible, with cold water. It won't end well.

2) I am not a professional carpenter.

The yarn-winding machine needs help, but I'm not sure what it needs. The wheels don't spin freely enough, and I can't figure out what to use as a belt that won't slip around on the wheels. I think I'll have to spend a while wandering thoughtfully around Lowe's.

On the plus side, the PVC niddy-noddy is working out great! I've managed to undo a little bit of the mess I made with the washing machine, and I have a couple skeins of clean, untangled yarn to sell.

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