Photos from the Botanical Gardens

While I'm sick and miserable, I might as well post these photos from our trip to the botanical gardens two weeks ago. St. Louis has a wonderful botanical garden, something I really missed during my years in southern California. It just took me a few years in the desert to realize how much I missed green growing things.

There were enormous bumblebees everywhere.

Buzz buzz!

Danielle and her granddad hanging out in the sun. The weather was gorgeous!

Here is a photo of some flowers. I am so original.

Purple is my favorite color.

Dani and her nana, saying hello to the fake sheep.

Dani poses with the sheep statues.

She wasn't really trying to pet it, but this is still adorable.

I wish I had written down the names of some of these plants. All I can really say about them is "ooh, pretty!"

I love how this one came out. The colors are so vivid.

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