The Birth of a Hobby

As experienced by my friends Mark and Christina.

9 a.m.:  "I like yarn because I'm generally interested in textiles, but I don't really have any interest in learning how to knit."

11 a.m.:  "Well, I suppose it would be good to learn how to knit just enough to do a test swatch, so I can show people what the yarn looks like when knitted up. But that's pretty simple--just a couple inch square piece, really."

At Lunch:  [removes hat; examines it carefully] "I bet I could make one of these..."

After Lunch:  "Wal-mart is right here; I'll just pop in and grab a pair of knitting needles. Hope you guys don't mind."

10 Minutes Later, after viewing the saddest, smallest Wal-mart craft section ever:  "All right, Hobby Lobby is right across the street. I can get a couple of sizes of needles there, and some cheap acrylic yarn to practice with."

2 p.m.:

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