Thrift Day

My husband David works from home, but on Mondays he has a big conference call that lasts most of the day. We don't have a huge apartment, so this means I not only have to keep the baby out of his hair for several hours straight, but I can't make too much noise doing it, either. I've started using Mondays as my thrift shopping day.

There's a part of town that I like to call "Thrift Store Row," which has three enormous thrift stores on one street within a couple of blocks of each other, with a coffee shop in the middle. I can park at one end, put Danielle in her stroller, and easily spend an entire day (and all my money, if I'm not careful) walking down to the other. It's a nice way to spend an afternoon, and when I'm not pressed for time, I can let my mind wander while I scan the racks, and I often find myself thinking up new projects as I look at the ridiculous variety of clothing styles and textiles in front of me.

And as an added bonus, sometimes I find buried treasure! I picked up a gorgeous long grey wool coat for $5 today--I was astounded when it actually fit me. I'm fairly tall, with quite broad shoulders and long arms; any time I find something non-stretchy in a thrift store that fits me, I'm impressed.

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