Dear Creative Types:

(And everyone else, really.)

Stop using Papyrus. Please.

Yeah, I get that you don't want to use a plain typeface, but it brands you forever in the minds of anyone who cares about design as someone who can't afford a graphic designer and can't be bothered to type "free fonts" into Google. It's bad enough seeing Papyrus being used for headings and body text, but even worse is when I see it in a logo. Your logo should be distinctive; it should be unique to your business and immediately recognizable. The problem with Papyrus is that it's immediately Papyrus. It's been used by so many yoga studios and in so many high school Geography reports that if you use it to represent your business, nobody will ever associate your logo with you.

It's even more unforgivable when you know the company using Papyrus can afford a graphic designer, but that dreaded font rears its ugly head anyway. I'm talking about you, Olive Garden, 20th Century Fox, and Arizona Tea. Even the font's creator thinks it's overused, you guys--surely you can do better.

I know I'm hardly the first person to complain about this, but it seems like in the last couple of months I've been seeing this poor unsuspecting font abused more and more. Please stop. It deserves better. You deserve better. (And don't think I won't notice if you go running to Blackadder or Bradley Hand instead. Have an ounce of pride, will you?)

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