This is a Sexy Camera

Our Christmas gift to ourselves was a Canon EOS Rebel XS--a nice entry-level digital SLR. David and I are both somewhat interested in photography, but have never had a nice enough camera to do much. I really don't know anything about the art of photography, so at the moment I'm just overcome with glee at how quickly this thing snaps photos, and how wonderfully crisp the images are, even with poor lighting.

Now that I have a halfway-decent camera, I'm thinking about selling stock photography. There are a ton of web sites out there where you can upload photos for sale, and it would be a nice little passive income stream--once I upload the photos, I won't really have to think about them. Of course, this means I have to learn to be a halfway-decent photographer, too. Expect a lot of photos of my kid and my cats while I learn how to use this thing.

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