Kindle Cases

I don't have a one-track mind, I have a side-track mind.

Nearly two years after starting, I finally finished watching Avatar: the Last Airbender, and got bitten by the cosplay bug like I haven't been bitten in years. I went out and bought a bunch of leather with the intention of making the most awesome Azula costume the world has ever seen.

I'd cut out the leather for one boot and stitched two pieces of it together, when I noticed my husband looking at cases for his new Kindle. I'd just spent the afternoon rearranging my craft supplies, and a light bulb went on in my head. I had a couple of old hardcover books I'd picked up at the thrift store, but never figured out what to do with them. Hmm, cut cover off book, add leather--voila! New product for my Etsy store!

So my boots are all but forgotten for the moment, but I've got another case half-finished on my sewing table, and a stack of old books to destroy. Life is good.

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