Alchemy: My New Obsession

So...I've been utterly sucking at the whole "one thing at a time" plan. But at least I've been sucking in a way that earns me money!

I've discovered the Alchemy boards on Etsy, and have become a wee bit obsessed. I completed my first custom project the other day, and have three more underway. I'm not entirely convinced it's more efficient than just making things and putting them up for sale, but it's definitely nice to have a buyer lined up for something before I even start working on it. I've put a lot of time into writing bids, sketching out ideas, and even designing and making sample items for potential customers that ended up rejecting my bid, but I'm finding it's not entirely wasted time. I'm getting a lot of benefits out of it: learning what sorts of things people actually want to buy, getting inspiration for new items to make for my shop, and getting practice estimating the amount of time a given project will take (something I've always been horrible at). And when my bids are accepted, the elation makes it all worthwhile. Seriously, I do a little victory dance every time.

Between the samples I've made and the 5-image limit on items I sell on Etsy, I'm finding I need another way to show off the things I've made. I feel a little lame telling people, "I don't have anything like this in my store, but I can totally do it!" Rather than a simple image gallery, I think I'll just start posting things to this blog--that way I can add a paragraph or two to explain more about the stuff when needed. (Also, it's more content for those times when I don't have much to say for three weeks at a time....cough cough)

While I've been ablaze in a crafting fury, my kid has been getting frighteningly close to walking. Also, dangerously close to ninjaing all the lewts.

Like Father, Like Daughter

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