I did something to my wrist a couple days ago while doing yard work, so I've spent the last couple of days indoors, trying not to hurl anything heavy around. I don't know how I injured myself, but you'd think with the amount of pain I'm in right now, I'd remember how it started.

It's hard to find things to occupy yourself indoors when you've got a dozen outdoor projects in progress. I spent a day mainly watching stuff on Netflix: a couple of documentaries, and The Easy A, which turned out to be such a fantastic movie that I forced David to watch it with me again the next day.

I also spent a day trying to get the used iGo Stowaway bluetooth keyboard I just got to play nice with my LG Optimus V. I rooted the phone a couple weeks ago in anticipation of this, and installed aospCMod, since Android 2.2, which came factory installed, does not support bluetooth keyboards for some reason. Much to my dismay, while I was able to pair the keyboard with my phone (after a great deal of fiddling), most of the punctuation on the right side of the keyboard wouldn't work. A keyboard that cant type apostrophes isnt much use to me.

So I switched to Zefie's Cyanogenmod, which has a few of its own input problems, but at least lets me use my new toy. I don't think it'll be a proper replacement for a laptop until a few major bugs are worked out--I keep slipping into capslock for no good reason, and some basic functions of the onscreen keyboard are borked--but I might be able to type out blog entries and such without lugging a laptop around.

Folded up, it's barely bigger than the phone.

Presto! Full size keyboard!

I hope to be back outside tomorrow; I'm stalled in the middle of digging up my flowerbeds, and I really want to get to putting flowers in them before the growing season is over.

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