Mainly Yard Work

Lately I've been toying with the idea of getting rid of my desktop computer. Why take up that much space and power (I tend to leave it running so I can surf reddit at a moment's notice) when I have a laptop and a smartphone that do everything I bother to use it for? (Though the smartphone hasn't been that great lately--I found the ROM I was using to be too buggy and switched back to aospCMod, rendering my awesome keyboard useless until one of the devs decides they want to make Bluetooth work properly.)

A few days ago I transferred all my important files onto my laptop and packed the desktop away. I got sidetracked by extensive yard work after that, so my desk never got cleared off. The result is that I haven't really been online (or opened the laptop) in a while.

I did get my poor abused lawn replanted, though. My flower beds are still far from finished. I wish I'd taken some "before" pictures of all this. I have no doubt the change will be impressive, but I never remember these things until I'm half done tearing things down.

When we moved in, there were two tiers of flower beds next to the house that were bordered with old railroad ties. The beds were totally overrun with weeds, and when I went in to weed them (a couple hours worth of work, I was sure) I discovered the ties were half-rotted and completely full of termites. I figured having delicious termite snacks that close to the house was just asking for trouble, so I dug them out and started re-defining the edges with brick. We have a number of crumbling brick retaining walls on the property, as well as a dilapidated brick firepit, so there was no shortage of material.

I did all this WITH MY BARE HANDS! RAWR!

The first tier of the flower bed is now about 80% done--I'm not about to run off for a lucrative career as a bricklayer anytime soon, but the mortar joints are smooth and straight, more or less. Again, I wish I had a before picture of the flower beds, but  here's what they looked like after I'd started stacking the brick in place to see how much I'd need.

Right Side

Left Side

Gardening is strangely satisfying. I'm one of those people who kills every houseplant that passes through their door, but I planted a couple trays of seeds a few weeks ago, and most of them have been sprouting happily. I love seeing whole trays of green things I haven't managed to kill yet. Now if I can manage to replant them all in the flower beds without killing them, I'll be a happy camper.

They're Aliiiiiiive!

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