Running and Rock(s)

We've had out-of-town guests for the last couple of weeks--first friends, then family--so I haven't had much time or energy for blogging. Mostly energy, really; I played quite a bit of tower defense, because it's fairly mindless and non-stressing.

I've also fallen behind on Couch to 5k, but I did manage to get a couple of workouts in. I've been staying on week 3, because I haven't quite felt ready to move on. The 3 minute running segments are fairly torturous toward the end, and I want to make sure I don't go too fast and make myself hate running. Strangely enough, I'm kind of enjoying it so far.

I've moved from running on a treadmill to running outside, which has a few difficulties. Hills are one, obviously. Part of the reason that the 3 minute segments are so difficult is that they fall perfectly on the uphill stretches of the road. Another difficulty is rocks; I adore my Vibram 5 Fingers, but while they are fantastic for everyday wear, the soles are too thin to protect me when my foot lands directly on a pebble.

Vibrams! They look silly, but I love 'em.

A sales associate at REI called this The Vibram Tan.

There are a few gravelly segments of my run where I keep my head down and hop/dance my way through the rocks. I'd like to get one of the styles specifically designed for outdoor running (with much thicker soles), but it took enough effort to convince myself I could spend that much on a pair of shoes once--it'll be a while before I can manage it again.

I tried out for a rock band yesterday. Not sure how that turned out; I'll find out in a couple days, I guess. I felt great about some parts of the audition, and awful about pretty typical, really. I'm pretty excited about the band, though--they really seem to have their act together, and even if I don't get in, I think I'm going to be keeping an eye on them. If they find the right singer, they could really go places.

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