Virgin Mobile $25 Data Plan - Upcoming Price Increase

Via My Money Blog, I learned that the Virgin Mobile $25 a month phone/data plan I love so much will be going up to $35 on July 20th. This is for new customers only; anyone who signs up before July 20th can keep the awesome $25 rate.

The husband and I both switched to Virgin a few months ago, and we've been more than happy with it. We don't use our phones as phones very often--we both got the LG Optimus V, and we spend far more time tinkering around on the internet than calling people, so the 300 minute a month limit is no problem at all. I don't think either of us has come anywhere near it yet. But the convenience of having a smartphone--of having Google searches and a fully-functioning GPS unit in my pocket at all times--makes me wonder how I ever lived without one.

So if you've been considering making the switch to an Android phone, you really ought to check out Virgin before this gets away. $25 a month is a shockingly good value, especially for a no-contract month-to-month plan.

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