War Declared on Mystery Bugs

Something has been biting us at night, and I have no idea what. It seems most likely that it's either bedbugs or fleas. However, I've thoroughly inspected the mattress and found no signs whatsoever of bedbugs, and the bites aren't in the common "three in a row" pattern that bedbugs usually do. As for fleas, our cats are indoor-only, and they're treated for fleas anyway. I bought a flea comb and combed them several times, and found nothing. No fleas, no eggs.

Not knowing what we're up against, I've declared war on everything crawly. The mattress is now in a bedbug-proof cover. The carpets in every room have been thoroughly vacuumed and shampooed with near-boiling water. All bedding has been run through a hot wash cycle, and I'm working on the clothes as well. Everything goes into a plastic garbage bag after it's washed, and all the bags are sitting in a non-carpeted room. I sprayed flea spray on every carpet and practically soaked the couch with it. I've ordered some diatomaceous earth and a duster, and plan to apply that stuff to every nook and cranny I can find.

I was pretty disappointed when, having done all the vacuuming and shampooing and spraying in my bedroom yesterday, I still woke up with new bites today. I finished up the rest of the house today, so if I have bites tomorrow morning...well, we're clearly up against some kind of superbug, and our only hope will be kryptonite, or nuking the house from orbit.

I think the most frustrating thing about all this is not even knowing what I'm fighting. If I could find a bug, or evidence of an infestation, I'd be able to take targeted actions against that specific bug. Currently the only evidence of anything is the bites, and they don't tell me much, apart from that I hate biting bugs.

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