Weight Loss

I'd say it was about four months ago that I started dieting. I tried low-carb for 3-4 weeks, then went for a more traditional calorie-counting approach. When my husband joined me later, we both started using LoseIt to log food and exercise. After a while, that got frustrating: because he's a guy and he weighed more to start with, his daily calorie allowance was far higher than mine. He got to eat about 30% more than I did, and to make matters worse, he started losing weight and I didn't. After 3 months of jogging and salads, my weight had gone down at most 3 pounds, while he had already lost 20.

Weight, of course, isn't the sole measure of a diet's success, but I wasn't seeing a noticeable change in my appearance either--mainly, I suspect, because it was happening so gradually.

Then a couple weeks ago, I had my first confirmation that it was working. I pulled a pair of pants out of the closet that had been a little tight when I got them. I'd been trying to lose weight at the time and told myself I'd fit into them soon. Well, I didn't. The pants went from "a little tight" to "uncomfortably tight" to "I'm not even going to bother." So when I pulled them out a couple weeks ago and tried them on for the heck of it, I was absolutely thrilled to find that not only did they fit--they were loose enough that I needed a belt! I didn't notice anything with the pants I usually wear, because I usually wear them with a belt anyway.

Since then I've been noticing more changes. My face looks thinner. My butt is firmer. I no longer have a muffin-top in my tight workout pants. It feels good to have some confirmation that all my hard work is paying off. I had been on the verge of giving up--now I have no problem getting motivated to go to the gym.

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