First "Project of the Week"

I actually did finish this in a week (plus or minus a day)--I just didn't post about it. I have been uncharacteristically busy lately.

So, this week's project was to tailor this vest for a more flattering fit, and add more buttons.

Step one: tear it open! I had to remove some trim to get at the insides.

Now I pin and mark the darts. The vest fits well in the bust, so it just needs to be brought in at the waist. For a trim fit, I need to remove about 5 inches, most of it in the back.

Once the darts are sewn, they need to be pressed. I then go to my handy-dandy ironing board:

...also known as a towel on the dining room table. I need to buy an ironing board one of these days.

There isn't a big enough opening in the vest to slip it over the corner of the table, and I don't want to press wrinkles into the layers underneath what I'm working on, so I just folded a hand towel in thirds.

It goes up inside to keep me from screwing up the bottom layer of fabric while I press darts.

After the darts are pressed, the trim gets stitched back on.

Next: buttons! There are only four on this vest, and if there's one thing I know about steampunk, it's that you can never have too many buttons. I really should have taken a picture of the buttons, but I forgot. Here's the vest with pins marking where the new button loops go.

And with the fancier and more plentiful buttons sewn on, this vest is now fit for...Kellie Lynch, Lady of Adventure!

Front view:

Side view. You can really see the shaping the darts have added here.

And from the back:

Success! Now to decide what I'm going to work on this week...

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