This Week's Project

I couldn't decide what to do for my next craft project, but then I discovered a wonderful store called Gateway Electronics. I bought a bunch of interesting-looking electronic parts that were just begging to become part of a steampunk ray gun.

Then I got the parts home, and realized the ray gun would have to wait.

One of the first home improvement projects I wanted to do in this house was to convert the closet in the third bedroom (which we use as an office) into a fold-away craft center. I could craft to my heart's content, and then close up the doors when I wasn't using it.

I used some used oak flooring to build a tabletop into the closet, moved the shelf up, and took out the clothes bar. After that, I couldn't decide what I wanted the rest of it to look like--I figured I'd get a better idea of what storage I needed after I used it a while.

Problem is, it took almost no time for it to look like this:

So this week's project is to do something about that. Just cleaning it won't do--without any decent storage in there, it'll just return to its current state. It's time to roll up my sleeves, buy some lumber, and build the best damn craft center in the country. Or at least the best one that can fit in my closet.

Since this project is a bit more ambitious than a ray gun, I'm going to give myself two weeks. Aaaaaaaand...go!

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