Planning the Craft Center

I'm just about done with the planning stage of my closet craft center. I watched the first couple of videos at Sketchup for Woodworkers, and decided to jump in and get my hands dirty. Google Sketchup turns out to be pretty frustrating when you only sort of know what you're doing, but it's an incredibly useful tool nonetheless. A couple days of swearing at my laptop has produced this:

Five drawers on full extension slides, metal pegboard (magnetic!) on the walls, extra-large keyboard shelf (not pictured), and I might put some sort of shelving on the far right side there. This is going to be so awesome!

I'm trying to decide what to do about power, though. I'm moving my computer, printer, and Cricut machine into here, plus installing a lighting fixture, so I'm going to need to plug stuff in. If I'm doing it right, I really should install an outlet inside the closet. However, this room does not have any grounded wiring running to it. Electrical code requires that all new outlets be grounded, so if I want to put in a new outlet, I will need to run grounded wiring into the room. Doing so would require tearing out quite a lot of drywall.

We've been talking a lot lately about selling this place and moving back to the city, so I'd rather not do a huge project that won't actually increase the resale value of the house very much. Better to focus my time and energy on simpler things with a lot of visual the craft center, or nicer built-ins in the bathroom, or nicer shelving in the utility closet.

So, in the process of typing this out, I guess I've convinced myself. Power to the craft center will be provided by a power strip plugged into an extension cord plugged into a two-prong to three-prong adapter. Not exactly the pinnacle of electrical safety...but when the alternative is gutting most of this room, I guess I'll go with the fire hazard.

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