Back on the Wagon

A year and a half ago I started Couch to 5k. I followed it with a diet, and over the next few months I lost 20 pounds (but it looked like more). I looked and felt great, I got David to join a gym with me, and we worked out 3 times a week together.

Around February, that changed. I got really busy (both with the house, and a surprisingly active social life), but that alone didn't do it. If I had to point to a thing that started it, I'd say it was the abscessed tooth. It took about a week in bed to recover from that. Around the same time, I finally saw a podiatrist about the plantar warts I've had for years. Every 3 weeks I'd spend 4-5 days in such awful pain from the wart treatments that I didn't want to walk, much less jog for 20 minutes.

Then came the allergies. I got really sick. I'd never suffered from allergies before, so I didn't believe it at first...especially when my doctor started throwing medication at me that didn't work. Soon I was taking so many pills just to get through the day that I felt woozy, and I still couldn't sleep through the night because I'd wake up coughing. That finally worked out when the doctor gave me Singulair (which my insurance didn't cover because it was for allergies--insert grumbling about the American healthcare system).

I started to feel better around mid-summer, but by then the habit had been broken. For 3 or 4 months I hadn't been going to the gym or logging my food. It's really hard to start a habit. I think it's even harder to get back in the habit of something you're no longer good at.

Last week I finally got my increasingly flabby ass back in the gym. The key, I think, was getting David to come back with me--he'd similarly fallen off the wagon, partly because I wasn't doing it anymore. I'm starting Couch to 5k over again. It's humbling to find the first week difficult when I'd been up to 20 minutes at a time before. But I'll get there again.

I had forgotten how good I feel after a workout. Man, endorphins are great. Sometimes it feels like all I can do to drag myself to the gym, but once I walk out of there, I feel fantastic...and I keep feeling fantastic for the next hour or two. Not only does my body feel powerful and energized, but I feel great mentally, because I've just done something hard that's good for me.

I never thought I'd be a gym person. I'm glad I am again.

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