A Humble and Unsurprising Request

I know I'm far from the first person to complain about this, but...can women's clothing manufacturers please just settle on a universal sizing system that makes some kind of sense?

I went thrift shopping today, and I tried on:

  • size 10 shorts that were way too small

  • size 10 pants that were a little big

  • a size 9 dress that fit great

  • size 8 shorts that fit great

  • size 8 shorts that were way too small

  • size 4 shorts that were a little snug

  • a size 4 dress that fit great

  • a size Large shirt that was like a tent

  • a size Medium shirt that was a little tight

  • a size Small shirt that fit pretty much okay

Depending on manufacturer and style, I can wear anything between a 4 and a 12. This is an absurd, and in my opinion unacceptable, variation. My t-shirt size used to be anywhere between Small and XXL (seriously, American Apparel, WTF?). Since losing weight, that range has narrowed to anywhere between Small and Large.

I can't even trust one manufacturer to be consistent between styles. I tried on a bunch of pants at Target last week in sizes 6 through 12, all in the same brand. Men, if you've ever complained about us women taking too long to shop for clothes, it's because of crap like this. I can't just pull a size 8 off the rack--I have to try it on, along with the 6 and the 10. Every. Single. Time.

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